Keith Stein, Treasurer

Keith has served as a board member and treasurer for Friends of Parks & Recreation since 2012.  His other current civic activities include serving as the chair of the Westport Democratic Town Committee (member since 2007),  as a board member on Westport Little League (member since 2007), as a board member on the Westport Weston Health District (member since 2007), and as president of The Minute Man Hill Special Taxing District (member since 1999). 


Keith worked for 25 years as an investment banker, financial advisor and derivatives provider primarily focusing on U.S. municipalities and infrastructure needs nationwide working for AIG Financial Products, Smith Barney, Goldman Sachs and Orrick, Herrington as well as serving as an independent financial advisor in San Francisco.


He also has worked as an actor, competes as a triathlete and is a gourmet chef.  Keith is a graduate of Brown University and has three children in college who graduated from Staples High School.  His wife, Brett Aronow, serves on the Westport Board of Education and is member of TEAM Westport.